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Traditional Lard Shortening

Traditional Lard Shortening

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From farm to table, South Chicago Packing's Traditional Lard Shortening is sourced from only the best. Our Lard outperforms solid vegetable shortenings in tortillas, fried chicken, pie crusts, biscuits, breads, cakes, and other pastry doughs. The flakiest pie crusts are made with Lard! There's a reason your Grandmother used lard in everything from pie crusts to biscuits! Our Lard is a traditional, natural cooking fat that is Keto, Paleo, and Whole30 friendly. All of our products support nose-to-tail sustainability.
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About This Item

01One 42 ounce can of Traditional Lard Specialty Baking Shortening.

02No artificial ingredients

03Promotes nose-to-tail usability

04Gluten Free

Bake with Lard

Paleo Friendly

No Artificial Ingredients


Dairy Free

Keto Friendly

FDA approved facility

Pastured Raised


    Searing, Sautéing and Pan Frying will never be the same. A little Wagyu Beef Tallow will give you a rich, full bodied flavor and is perfect for all of your Paleo, Keto and Whole30 recipes.


    From fried eggs to french fries to brisket,Wagyu Beef Tallow can bring richness and juiciness to any recipe.


    Our Wagyu Beef Tallowis a HUGE hit in the BBQ and Grilling community. Pitmasters and BBQ enthusiasts are increasingly using our Tallow for smoking meats. Some all time favorite recipes include Beef Brisket, Beef Short Ribs and Steaks seared to perfection. Wagyu Beef Tallow will allow you to get that dreamy fatty profile and rich, full bodied flavor you seek!


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