Christmas Prime Rib

Christmas Prime Rib

A Christmas prime rib doesn’t need to be complex. No need for injections, bones cut off and then twined back on, breaking out the sous code, or starting the cook off at high temps to then estimate your cook time according to weight.

• All you need is a thermometer, salt, herbs and other seasonings of your choice (think rosemary, thyme, sage, garlics etc), and @southchicago packing’s wagyu beef tallow.

• If able, dry brine your rib roast up to 3 days ahead of time with just salt (the rest of your seasonings will not penetrate during dry brining, and will oxidize in the fridge over the time making it less potent and / or stale tasting.

• When ready to cook, set your oven to the lowest temperature it can go (for mine, that was around 170°f), mix all of your choice of seasonings / herbs into about 1 cup of tallow, smear it over every surface of the cut and place the roast on a rack over a deep walled pan to catch drippings. I prefer this method over “real” roasting racks because they cradle the cut deep in the pan instead of having it way up top, which can cause airflow issues and uneven maillard reactions.

• Cook until the internal temp is roughly 124°f, pull for the first rest, and in tease your oven to its max temp for the reverse sear (mine goes up to 550°f). once your resting rib roast begins to fall in internal temp 5° from its peak temp (it’ll rise to approx 129°f, then drop 3°), put it back into the blazing hot oven for about 7 minutes.

• Pull out your beautiful prime rib, slice and serve immediately!
Recipe credits @wolfgangshmuck
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