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Choose SCP All Crisp™ for the perfectly crisp texture your customers will love.

SCP All Crisp™ is our most popular product for heavy-duty frying of chicken, seafood, French fries, vegetables, and other proteins. Produced in 50-lb solid cubes of shortening, it combines the ideal benefits of texture, taste, and fry life.

A superior frying solution.

Beef Tallow has a naturally high smoke point of 400+°F, which makes it a superior frying oil when compared to non-animal fats such as vegetable oils and butter, providing a crisp, non-greasy texture for your fried foods.

Through our deodorizing process, we produce a bland beef scent and flavor. This allows the taste of your proprietary recipes and seasonings to be the focus, creating a distinct and memorable menu item.


SCP collects product performance data on a continual basis. Independent external studies, internal fry tests, and customer data consistently show that SCP ALL Crisp™ has up to 2x the fry life compared to soybean oil.


Consumer acceptance of animal fats is on the rise, with a 27% increase in US consumption of Edible Tallow since 2004.* Our internal taste tests and customer R&D test results have also shown a preference for the taste and lasting crispiness resulting from SCP All Crisp™.


Animal fat producers support sustainability by rendering trimmed fat, a by-product of meat production, into useable Tallow. Without “nose-to-tail” useability, an astonishing 12% of the cow is wasted.


Premiere chefs are turning to animal fats, like tallow and lard, in their restaurants citing the neutral taste, versatility, and texture benefits they provide, without the saturated fat of other frying oils.

Experience the exceptional cooking and health benefits of 100% Beef Tallow with SCP All Crisp.

Delivers a superior taste and consistent texture to all foods in cooking applications.

Stability in high heat cooking applications reduces oxidation of the oil, limiting the toxins and carcinogens derived from the heating process.

Naturally contains zero artificial trans fats or partially hydrogenated oils.

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We’re committed to educating our customers about culinary trends, the benefits of using animal fats in cooking applications, and specific products to meet your needs. We are happy to share additional materials on these topics upon request. Our business development team would be happy to partner with you to review operational challenges and create the best solution for your unique business requirements.