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Shortening & Oils

Our team has decades of experience creating sustainable, custom shortenings and frying oils using animal fat and animal/vegetable fat blends. And our wide range of processing techniques allows us to make many different products, and offer them in a variety of sizes — everything from a 42-oz. retail canister to a 25,000-gallon rail car. Whatever your need, we’ll tailor our process to your specifications.

our process

SCP offers a wide range of processing techniques to create our custom shortening and oil products.

By converting the fatty acid chain of a triglyceride molecule into its saturated form, we create a highly-stable product with increased melt points and consistent physical properties, ideal for use in a wide variety of food and non-food applications.

Vacuum-steam distillation allows us to purify oil into an odor-less, colorless product that gives your fried foods the desirable flavor your customers expect.

By separating fat and oil, we create olein and stearin, two unique products that can each be used for different applications like baking or frying.

Together, high heat and bleaching earth actively filter undesirable colors and off flavors from raw oil, yielding a clean, bland product that can be used in various food and non-food applications.

Your logo-your label liquid shortening

Private Label Liquid Oils

We can develop, produce, and package a custom blend of liquid oil for you in 35-lb. easy-to-pour containers branded with your logo. And our custom blending capabilities ensure you can create a delicious product guaranteed to stand out. Contact us to get started on your custom-blended product today.

Your logo-your label liquid shortening

Branded Oils

Our branded liquid ALL FRY® and ALL FRY® ZT shortening come in a 35-lb. resealable, easy-to-pour option for your frying needs. ALL FRY® ZT is a heart-healthy blend of animal fat and vegetable oil, giving you the flavor benefits of animal fat and the lower saturated fat that your customers want. Request a sample today.

Private Label Shortening

Like our custom-formulated liquid oils, we can develop, produce, and package your shortening with your label in multiple sizes — from a 42-oz. straight-walled canister to a 50-lb. cube. Contact us to have our technical professionals create a distinctive product for you.

Branded Shortening

Our ALL CRISP® solid shortening is a customer favorite. Sold as a 50 lb. cube, it adds the texture and rich flavor to baked goods, flavorings, and fried foods. Don't take our word for it, try a sample for yourself!


We can produce 42-oz. or 48-oz. industry standard straight-walled canisters with your label, ready for the grocery store shelf. We offer lard, tallow, or animal/vegetable oil blends. Contact us to get started with your retail product.