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why animal fat?

At South Chicago Packing, we believe that animal fats are the superior choice to vegetable oils. And researchers, physicians, and nutritionists agree. Trust us — we are experts in animal fats. Below we've highlighted some major differences between animal fats and vegetable oils.


  • Recent scientific studies show that the artificial trans fats found in vegetable oils aren’t as healthy as once thought. In fact, modern science proves that the naturally-occurring saturated fats found in animal fat are the healthier, more natural option.
  • Animal fats are mostly saturated fat, which means they stand up better to high heat and last longer than vegetable fats. Reduced oxidation in animal fats means they are less susceptible to the toxins and carcinogens generated by using vegetable oil alone.


  • Do you ever wonder why some fried foods taste richer? Why they’re crispier, juicier, more flavorful and succulent? The answer is animal fat.
  • You want your ingredients to be the star. Don’t let your vegetable oil overshadow them. Use animal oils or a blend of animal and vegetable oils instead of plant-based oils like soybean oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, or peanut oil.
  • Because animal fats are more stable, foods cooked in them absorb less oil and less fat.
animal fats Cow grazing


  • Animal fats have a longer fry-life. Pound for pound, ounce for ounce, you’ll get more use out of oils that are animal fat-based than vegetable oils.
  • Using animal fats in non-food applications reduces the demand for petroleum-based waxes, making it eco-friendly and another way to reduce our carbon footprint.
animal fats Cow grazing


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